Pros and cons of using Squarespace

easy-website-solutionsArticle Written by : Keywordle – All About SEO & SEM

In the website building and hosting space, Squarespace is one the best known and most advertised. The primary advantage of using a service like Squarespace is the lack of headaches when it comes to setting up the site. Especially during the first setup. Here are some advantages to using Squarespace:


One of their biggest selling points is the design of their templates. Even their tagline goes “Build it beautiful”. In this they do not disappoint. Thier templates, which you can select when setting up, are absolutely stunning. Other platforms have tried copying these templates, they are that good.


Even the backend of the site, where posts are written and site is administered lives up to the tagline. It makes it an absolute pleasure to work with. You almost feel like writing posts just to be able to use that interface.


All the features of Squarespace are built in. It is owned and developed by them and as a result there are no bugs and everything just works. No worries about compatibility with this extension or plugin or template. Since this is the Apple of web hosting, there is a stability and polish to the entire platform.

Speed and security

Thanks to everything being in house, you don’t have to worry about website load speeds or security. This is all taken care of. Speed tests have shown their servers to be very fast from around the world. Security is their responsibility which is a big headache to worry about yourself.