Four ways to convert visitors to leads

Article Written by : Web Marketing Tutorials

easy-website-solutionsA lot of effort goes into marketing a website and getting visitors. But getting traffic is not the ultimate objective unless you run an ad based site. The end goal is to convert those visitors, that traffic, into sales leads. This happens by presenting them with various methods of getting their contact information. This is the most valuable bit of information you can get from website traffic.

Getting that information is not as easy as it used to be. Now, in order to get their details and to be placed in your email list, the visitor will require something in return. Often these are books, limited free access to resources, exclusive articles etc.

This leads us to how we should get that information. Here are four methods that can be used:


The most common approach is to present the user with a form based signup in order to get access to something they want. The important fact here is that it needs to be quick and as frictionless as possible. Sometimes just getting the email address and full name is the best way.

Calls to action

Use a call to action like “download now” or “click here for access” to get the user to sign up. Even for the forms above, just a simple “submit” button will result in lower sign up percentages.

Landing pages

When offering visitors something, the call to action should lead them to a landing page with the form and button. This visitor becomes a contact once they submit the basic information.


Enter your contacts into a database and then start using that information to slowly convert them into a sales lead.