Best blogging platforms available

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Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to get a site and presence online. They have been used to good effect from stay-at-home moms all the way to large corporations. Blogging platforms themselves have come a long way since the popular platform Blogger. Now there are many to choose from.

This is the self-installed version of WordPress and allows a lot more customization than its .org counterpart. For a user who can imagine needing to customize the installation more overtime, then WordPress is the best bet. At present it is by far the most popular platform, powering almost 30% of sites online.


This is an open source blogging platform that is minimalistic, clean and simple. One of the nice features is that it provides a live view of what your page will look like as you type. The biggest issue is that the setup and installation is not as simple as other platforms.


While Drupal can be used a blogging platform, it is in fact a full on content management system and is used as such by businesses. It is also not a system that readily appeals to beginners and can be a little complicated.


Another content management system, Joomla is another good option for blogging. It is a little easier to use than Drupal but does not have the simplicity of WordPress and Ghost. It is not free and can be expensive. For a business that is already running then the expense may be justified.