3 Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence

Almost 3 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day. The sheer numbers of people that flock to YouTube for different reasons everyday should tell you why it’s important for your brand to stand out instead of just “another brand in the crowd”. So, here are 3 tips that one must keep in mind and which will help maximize your brand’s YouTube [...]

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The benefits of cloud computing

10Cloud computing is still a growth industry and probably will be so for years to come. Organizations that have locations with good connectivity are rapidly moving all their [...]

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that is meant to compete with Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. For the complete newbie, all of these platforms are somewhat more [...]

Five tips for choosing a corporate intranet platform

Choosing a platform for your businesses intranet can be harder than it sounds. There are many stakeholders who need to be kept happy. Due to technical requirements that need [...]

Everything you need to know about Google Penguin

Penguin is one of two major algorithms that Google runs on its search engine. This particular one deals with link quality only. Sites that have purchased links, or got [...]

Four ways to convert visitors to leads

A lot of effort goes into marketing a website and getting visitors. But getting traffic is not the ultimate objective unless you run an ad based site. The end goal is to [...]

Pros and cons of using Squarespace

In the website building and hosting space, Squarespace is one the best known and most advertised. The primary advantage of using a service like Squarespace is the lack of [...]

Best blogging platforms available

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to get a site and presence online. They have been used to good effect from stay-at-home moms all the way to large [...]

How to Optimize as a Los Angeles Business

Los Angeles is a big city, which means that as a business owner, you will face a lot of competition when you promote your products and services online. This doesn't mean that [...]

SEO best practices checklist for 2016

SEO is a constantly evolving process. There are regular changes to what Google and other search engines consider good practices which are rewarded. As a result, there needs to [...]

Email Continues to Reign Over Social Media

Email marketing isn’t slowing down. Social media may be the buzz around town when it comes to marketing. You see it everywhere and most people have an account in order to [...]