3 Tips to Successfully Design Sites for Apps

All of us who use computers, tablets or even smartphone are very familiar with apps. They’re everywhere. With so many in the market, it’s natural that websites promoting these apps need to be created.

So, here are 3 tips for website designers to successful build sites for apps:

#1: Show People Using the App
One of the ways by which an app is introduced is by providing glamor shots. However, this ends being ineffective since all they do is say very little about how the app is actually used. For example, instead of showing the app being used on someone’s phone, show the readers how the app makes their lives easier in solving real world problems as most of them do.

#2: Technical Specifications are Plain Boring
Since we live in competitive times, offering details of app technical specifications is just asking for trouble. There is always a chance where one can get into a tech spec battle where another app is offering the same but they’re just plain boring to read.

Instead, tell a story where you connect with your client’s customers while making them feel that you understand what they need and how this app makes their lives easier as opposed to showing off the app’s glossy features.

#3: Keep it short and use bullet points
There are several stats out there that repeatedly drive home the point of the importance of maintaining one’s attention span within short periods of time – for example, 5 seconds or less. Make sure that the text is written as concisely as possible. Also, use bullet points to break text into smaller and more digestible parts. People don’t have time and patience for this.