4 Reasons to Use Web IDEs for Coding

Most developers prefer building a website on their desktop before moving them online. However, with the rise of Integrated Development Environments for coding, one can so easily save a lot of time and effort into moving them online.

Web IDEs allow you to build websites directly into your browser but only in a development area, which when finished can be moved to a ‘live’ area. Yes, it’s time to move to the age of online coding.

So, here are 4 reasons why you should use Web IDEs for Coding:

#1: You can code with anyone and from anywhere

All you need is a computer with a browser and an internet connection to begin coding. This means that you can pretty much code from anywhere whether it’s an internet cafe, home, office or whether you are traveling. Unlike desktop code editors, you can now code in teams, whether you are in the same room or remotely.

#2: Not OS-reliant

Since the only prerequisite for you to code is the need for a modern web browser with no need for any installations, it doesn’t matter whether you use Linux, Mac or even Windows. Web IDEs aren’t OS- reliant.

#3: Don’t need to open any programs

Again, since you only need to use the web browser for your work and there is no need for any programs to run simultaneously, you can save a lot of time that is usually spent toggling between windows if you code offline.

#4: Quicker Testing

If you do use the same server environment that the live site will use, testing and deployment is much quicker. Better still is the fact that you can discover issues real-time as you build the site as well.