What are the Top Ecommerce Platforms for Web Design?

Wondering what the top eCommerce platforms are for Web design? This advice from Web Design Express, an affordable Web design company in Glendale, Ca, will help you discover which platform is best for you.


Magento’s strengths include that it is feature-rich and well supported. Magento also has good SEO value, and is available on mobile. That said, Magento does require a lot of third party support to run at its best. This can have long term costs for an organization.


WooCommerce updates frequently, which is both a pro and con. Pro because it means better security and a better product, con because updates are time consuming. WooCommerce is open source, but must utilize paid hosting to be effective.


Shopify is very fast, and secure, which are all good qualities for Web business owners. It’s also feature rich and has good customer support. Pricing isn’t very friendly, though, and it’s not very easy to customize.


The biggest advantage to bigcommerce is that it will offer you education on the platform. A series of video tutorials run through all features and concepts, so you feel like you have access to the tools at hand. That said, there can be almost too much customization to the point where it might feel overwhelming.


Like bigCommerce, Volusion has a good knowledgebase full of useful information. It also has great customer support, and offers a very secure and efficient platform. Although it is very easy to use, it doesn’t provide a lot of useful data, and mobile sites can be a chore to setup.

Bonus: 3D Card and SquareSpace

Both SquareSpace and 3D card offer alternative services. Both are fairly new to the space, so the jury is still out on their capability, but hopefully this list from Web Design Express helps.