The benefits of cloud computing

Article Written by : DawnMeson

easy-website-solutions Dec10Cloud computing is still a growth industry and probably will be so for years to come. Organizations that have locations with good connectivity are rapidly moving all their on-premise systems to the cloud. But what are the real benefits of moving the cloud? Here are a few:


The flexibility of the cloud computing approach is its biggest draw. The cost of the services provided can be matched to the actual consumption need at the time. This allows a whole array of new services that would have been too costly to build out before. This has also made the current startup environment that exists today possible. Without cloud computing, the capital outlay required to build the infrastructure needed would have been too costly to make them possible.


Another benefit is that the deployment of resources is nearly instantaneous. When a service is enjoying rapid growth, as long as the software has been designed correctly, additional instances can be spun up as they are needed. A properly developed cloud service can bring up additional instances as required and kill them when demand drops. This ties in with the above value that you only pay for capacity that is in use.


The real benefit is that everything can be set up and/or started without the need for admin staff to get involved. Everything is automated and any changes done on the main control panels are reflected very quickly. Need a new server, just pick a new type and hit create. Within minutes the server is ready to use.