3 Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence

Almost 3 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day. The sheer numbers of people that flock to YouTube for different reasons everyday should tell you why it’s important for your brand to stand out instead of just “another brand in the crowd”.


So, here are 3 tips that one must keep in mind and which will help maximize your brand’s YouTube presence:

#1: Creating a Schedule

Creating a schedule helps you plan when you must post fresh content rather than doing it randomly. Usually, the approach to creating new content is to find a common theme and develop a recurring series. For example, companies produce videos, in the case of YouTube, in order to inform customers of their products, every now and then. Of course, if you will be using other social media networks, you can keep a track of what you think you can publish across these sites as well.

#2: Keep it Short

YouTube mostly allows videos of about 15 minutes but considering the short attention span of viewers, it’s recommended that you convey your brand message in about one to two minutes. The usual practice by many top brands on YouTube is uploading their television ads which last less than five minutes or so.

#3: Customize your YouTube channel’s appearance and pick the “featured video” carefully

YouTube allows its users to customize their appearance when they open their account, and as a brand, there’s nothing more important than making a mark as having a unique appearance that stands out and connects with your target audience. Also, be very careful to pick the featured video carefully as that is what will make that “first impression”.