Three Guidelines To Keep In Mind When Designing A Website

With the internet becoming a place where businesses can experience rapid growth, there has been an exponential growth of websites over the past decade or so. However, with the industry of web design growing at such a rapid pace, there are certain websites that have been considered to be amongst the best while there are others that aren’t so appealing to the people who use them.

So, here are three guidelines by which you can design an excellent website:

Guideline #1: Content is King

When people visit your website, they come looking for relevant information about your product or service, and if that isn’t provided, the purpose of a website is self-defeating. Remember to present adequate information as short, simple and as crisply as possible. Remember grammar and spelling errors can really irritate your readers, so double-check the information before adding it to a page.

Guideline #2: Browser Compatibility

There are numerous browsers that people use today, and it would be a shame to have a website where your website supports only one or two particular browsers. Since this can also limit the number of people who will be able to peruse through your catalog of products or list of services, it is best to sacrifice functionality in the form of checking to see if your website can be viewed from a variety of browser instead of special effects.

Guideline #3: Graphics, Photos and Multimedia

If your webpage takes much longer to download, people will most probably find another site sooner rather than later. It is vital to ensure that the file size of your photos and other graphic files are kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality. Ensure that you use streaming media format when it comes videos, audio clips, flash movies and background music while giving your reader the option to stop the clips.