Testing a Site Prior To Launch

Launching a recently redesigned website can be more stressful than the initial release. An established website has multiple visits each hour. No one wants to stumble on an unfinished website. Here are a few tips that will make a website redesign a breeze.

Watch out for placeholder texts and typos
There are a lot of changes and new pages during a redesign process. It is only natural for developers and webmasters to leave placeholder texts here and there. This text often end up on the final design. In the same style, typos often end up on the final website too. They are very easy to make, but quite hard to spot.

Test the website on the actual server
Chances are, the redesigned website will be on a separate development server. That would be perfectly fine for the development process. But it’s important to put the site on the destined server and do thorough testing before putting it live. Each server is different, and sometimes these small differences add up to make bigger differences.

Test on all devices
A lot of users use their tablets to browse the web. Therefore the site needs to be tested on all these devices. Each one has it’s own combination of resolution and pixel density. This means that only testing on the actual machine will allow to spot the little design inconsistencies.