Improve Your Subject Lines for Email Success

Written by eTargetMedia.


It’s natural for companies who are creating email messages to put a lot of attention on the body of the email. After all, this is where you will put the information that you are trying to communicate to your audience. But what good is a great email message if the person receiving it never opens it? Spending all of your time on your email but ignoring the subject line is a recipe for unopened emails and unsuccessful email campaigns.


You can take some basic steps to improve your email open rates and get more people reading your content:


Avoid Caps Lock: Whether you want to capitalize every word in your subject line or write it like a sentence is up to you. But eTargetMedia strongly recommends that you never use all caps in your subject line. This amounts to screaming at the reader and can turn a reader off.


Know Your Spam Words: Certain words and phrases are likely to trigger the spam filter in readers’ email clients. Avoid using common — and clichéd — phrases such as “Act Now” or “Totally Free” in order to stay out of the Spam folder.


Don’t Make Empty Promises: If you make huge promises in the subject line of your email but fail to deliver in the actual message, your recipients will feel disappointed and misled. This is the perfect reason for them to unsubscribe from your messages or to add you to their Spam filter. Instead, make sure that they are intrigued by your subject lines but that the subject lines are also an accurate representation of what is in the email.


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