FREE SEO Training Manual with Online Shopping Cart

Every online business requires an efficient online shopping cart. But even the best online shopping cart won’t help to improve your search engine rankings if it is not search engine optimized. This is why many entrepreneurs are investing in SEO shopping cart solutions to improve search engine rankings and enhance sales.

A traditional ecommerce shopping cart offers customers a pleasant virtual shopping experience, including the ability to shop at their own pace. Customers can browse, choose and save products for later purchase. They can also enjoy access to their shopping list with links to product information that will help them decide which items they want to purchase. Customers should also be able to change the order quantities or remove products before purchase. The checkout process should be simple and easy, with the ability to return to the checkout page at any time.

SEO shopping cart features include all of the above along with effective search engine optimization features designed to improve your search engine rankings while ensuring that your message reaches your target audience. In addition, an SEO shopping cart provides marketing tools, reporting features, product management features, premium support and third-party integrations. This type of must have shopping cart is growing in popularity among online merchants, business owners and non-profit organizations.

However, many merchants are reluctant to invest in SEO shopping carts simply because they don’t know enough about SEO tactics and practices. If you’re in this category, you will be pleased to know that Ascender Cart is offering a FREE SEO training manual if you sign up for its SEO shopping cart solution.