3 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing an interaction is hardly an easy thing to do. This is complicated further given that new technologies are emerging along with the latest interaction design patterns.

It goes without saying that users are getting harder to impress these days. But the conundrum remains the same: how do you delight visitors while getting conversions?

In order to get this combination right, here are 4 web design mistakes to avoid:

easy website solution1: Clutter

It was not long ago that websites tried to put everything they could on a website. Even if that phase has passed, this is a mistake that designers continue to make. So, don’t cram the page with product updates, promotions and several calls-to-action. Keep it simple highlighting what you want the site visitor to see.

2: Navigation is Confusing

One common problem is that designer experiment with offbeat names for each page. Even if the visitor has gone through the site, they aren’t sure of what the company offers or in some cases, to be hired. In other words, they make things twice as hard for users to either get in touch with them or understand what they are offering.

3: Improper Use of Contrast

In order to emphasize certain elements on your site and drawing attention to it, the consistent use of contrast might seem good but there’s more than meets the eye. Not only is color usage important here but also size, shape and positioning too. Make sure you use contrast that invites the user to place an order or an action that leads them to that.