3 Problems That Developers Have With Designers

Not all designers and developers have a sense of mistrust towards each other. Yet there are a number of times when both types will lock horns.

Given how important it is for both types to see eye to eye, this all begins with understanding the frustrations that developers have with designers.

Here are 3 of these problems and their solutions:

easy-website-solutions1: Developer Struggles to Find the Color Used

Sometimes, developers have to look through several layers of a file to find what they are looking for. Take the color of a button, for example. So much time gets wasted as a result and it can be frustrating. So, the best way to deal with this oversight is to use a style guide for the important standard values. These could include colors, padding, borders and margins etc.

2: Designers don’t consider content in their creation

While the Lorem Ipsum text is used as a placeholder when creating the initial design, it turns out to be very different when the content is finally added. Without a doubt, the design needs to fit the content – not vice-versa. This is where the developers have to suffer because it’s at their point when the content hits the design. Finalizing designs with content is imperative.

3: Developer cannot deliver on the designs agreed

Designers might create material that have been signed off by their higher-ups. Yet developers don’t see the designs that are not possible to create. In other words, it’s very different between doing something that you want to do and whether it is possible or not. For one, designers must understand the capabilities with the platform they use whether it web, iOS or Android. Ensure you bring the developer into the design phase as early as possible in the form of review sessions.