Web-Based Email

If you have had enough of juggling email addresses and want to focus on one Web-based email option, Internet reviews aggregator Consumer Search says that Google’s Gmail is the clear winner. It named Gmail as the best email provider thanks to its “speed, ease of use, unobtrusive text ads and excellent free features.”

The other free Web-based email providers recognized were Yahoo! Mail, which Consumer Search lauded for having unlimited storage and an easy-to-use interface (although it was knocked for making customers pay for many extra services Gmail offers for free); and Windows Live, which won praise for its design and integration into other Windows Live services but was knocked for its relative slowness compared to Gmail.

It should be noted that while Gmail has won rave reviews, there have also been issues, particularly in the area of email privacy: last year a security hole was discovered that let people discover the first and last name Gmail users submitted when creating their accounts.