Top 5 Tips when hiring an SEO Firm

Hiring an SEO firm is not an easy task. First you need to have some technical expertise and second you have to choose from a hundreds of search engine optimization companies, who all claim can get you top rankings, but often have different methodologies and will confuse you further when you talk to them. Here we provide you the top 5 tips you need to use when hiring an SEO Company.

1- Ask for references and sample rankings. Ask if they worked on similar sites in your industry and what kind of rankings they have gotten. Call the references they provide and interview them

2- Check their own rankings in search engines for SEo related terms, such as search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, seo company, seo firm, and so on.

3- Check associations such as SEMPO and BBB to see if they are members and if there are any negative feedback on them.

4- Check the company name in Google along with keywords such as “rip off,” “scam” or “fraud.”  See if you can find anything negative on the company

5- Get all details of the service. Find out what exactly they do and if link building is also included and if so exactly how many links will you be provided. Make sure they provide you what they will be doing in a written agreement.

Finally, we recommend taking a look at Submit Express, which provides search engine optimization services. They have been around since 1998, the same year Google started. We have used them before for one of our sites and they got us great rankings.