The Most Important Areas of your Blog

easy-website-solutionsArticle Written by : Refinery News

Most bloggers run their websites because they are truly passionate about their subject. Sometimes making money from the blog is a secondary concern. Even so, both for growing the audience and making money, they are losing a lot of money by not making the most of the real estate they have. Badly placed ads, sign up boxes are missed opportunities when it comes to growing your email list or getting more clicks. Here are some basics on where to place your most important elements:

Above the fold

Much like a newspaper, the area above the fold is the most important. On a website this is the area that you can see without scrolling down. Your most important elements should be placed within this zone. Your mailing list sign up box is a prime example of this. The call to action for your mailing list should be the first thing your visitors see.


Even when it comes to the sidebar, the area above the fold is the most important. Now that most website are going responsive, the top most area of the sidebar is the first thing visitors will see once they have passed the end of the article.

Above and Below the Article Body

This is where you want to place important ads and social bookmarking icons. These are the most likely places someone will share your content. Ads are better at the top while the area below is the best for social sharing buttons.