The Drawbacks of Depending Solely on Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable today. Everyone knows this, and especially bloggers, who tend to direct all their efforts to generating traffic through social media alone. But there are limitations when only opting for this approach. It’s an approach that offers impressive stats but nothing more.

So here are a few drawbacks that are inevitable if one depends solely on social media:

#1: Repeat or Long Term Traffic is Highly Unlikely

Social media, at best, can be described as good for short-term traffic not unless you’re building great content every other day – which is highly unlikely. Most social media experts believe that search engine traffic is for the long-term and should be used as a method to generate traffic with social media too.

#2: Subscriber Conversion is Limited

No matter how you look at it, sales or subscriber conversion doesn’t necessarily happen through social media. A balanced plan might get you the results you might need but since the traffic generated through social media isn’t regular, this approach won’t get you much success unless you give your first time readers a strong reason to subscribe.

#3: Low click-through rate

Quite similarly, if you make money through ad clicks, statistics reveal that traffic through social media won’t bother clicking on the ads at all. In fact, experts reveal that visitors who will click these ads are very low, and it’s preferred that one either tries a new type of advertising or just removes the ads completely. Again, it’s only a balanced marketing plan that will give you the results that you desire.