How to Enhance the User Experience on Your Website

One of the main challenges in search engine marketing is finding the right balance between SEO and user experience. While it’s important to design a search-engine friendly website that will get your site ranked high in search engines and directories, you also have to consider user experience.

A better user experience not only attracts visitors, but also keeps them on your site for longer. After all, if your site is not easy to navigate, comprehend, or access, your visitor will not think twice about leaving to find a better site.

There are many ways to make your site more user friendly, one of which is smart navigation. There is nothing more frustrating for an online browser than coming across a difficult-to-navigate website. So test out the navigation of your site; get in there as a user and pretend you’re visiting your site for the first time. Is it easy to travel from one page to another? Is it easy to keep track of where you are on the site? Do the links work? It’s important to check all of your links for broken links. You also want to check external links for error messages. Once you’ve tested the site, fix the errors and test again every few months.

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