2 Ways by Which You Can Understand Your Customers Using Web Monitoring Tools

Any successful online business depends on its customers i.e. visitors. While some internet entrepreneurs depending on a powerful web hosting service to deliver, the focus really should be on being serving your audience in the best way possible.

All this points to understanding your customers better than ever, and one way by which you can do so is by using web monitoring tools.

So here are a couple of ways by which you can understand your customers better by using web monitoring tools:

#1: Web Server Logs

If you want to know how your web hosting plan is being used, then the best way to track this is by looking at the web server log file, which is updated every time a request is made. Some of the things that are documented answers questions such as who is accessing your website, which part of your website do visitors download, when did they access this part of the website as well as which part of the world they came from.

#2: Web Log Analysis Tools

While the data to analyze your customers might be available in the aforementioned logs, it does turn out to be time consuming. However, there are several web log analysis tools that will give you the data you need (in order to understand your customers better) at the click of a button.

Some of these tools include Webalizer, AWStats and Analog, and almost every move of your customers on your website and how it is being used can be tracked using these applications.