Email Continues to Reign Over Social Media

Email marketing isn’t slowing down.

Social media may be the buzz around town when it comes to marketing. You see it everywhere and most people have an account in order to communicate with friends, clients, and potential customers. But, did you know that email still reigns over social media? You may not believe it but it’s actually been proven that email marketing still trumps social media marketing. Consider email to be the content king of the marketing world.

The Results Say It All

According to various studies, email marketing has shown a significant boom in new customer conversions compared to some of the most popular social media sites. Why? People still love email and continue to use it on a daily basis. It’s a platform that’s designed for communication and marketing. In another study that focused on 119 companies, out of the 300,000 referrals that were sent out through email, over 50 percent were reached, compared to 26 percent through social media. That’s essentially double the effectiveness. The biggest corporations in the world continue to use email to drive business as well.

Don’t believe the word that email is dead. It isn’t, and it’s continuing to thrive in a world obsessed with tweets and status updates. It’s a platform that will continue to reign supreme. If you haven’t already started an email marketing campaign, there’s no better time than now. Help your business succeed and increase you customer base – without having to deal with the nuances of social media.

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