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Your Thoughts on Good Icon Design

Now that we’ve delved a little bit into what the pros think about icon design, let’s hear some of your thoughts. What makes a good design? [...]

Icon Design: One Artist’s Process

It’s always interesting to glimpse into an artist’s process. On his website, editorial illustrator and identity consultant Felix Sockwell [...]

Plea for Web continuity

Tomorrow provides a chance to hear the man who dreamed up the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, at the Asian debut of the 10th World Wide Web Conference [...]

Smarter Web

The man who gave us the World Wide Web is now working on a way to make computers grasp the context of its information. Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of the [...]

Focusing on the web

Natcoll Design Technology's new Diploma of Web Development has been created in direct response to industry feedback and student demand for a course tightly [...]

Web Design as a Career

It is not surprising that the Internet revolution is often likened to the Gold Rush. The stampede into Internet business has created a whole new industry made [...]

What makes a great web design?

WHAT makes a great Web site? There is no simple answer, but everyone you talk to in the industry is an expert. If you spend time with graphic designers, they [...]

Website Builders Now Better By Design

In the mid-90s when 'HTML fever' was at its height, everyone wanted to be a web designer. Back then, you could be a web designer from home as well as hold down [...]