Useful Tactics to Increase Website Traffic

Building a standard website is easy enough with the many templates and site builder tools, but actually generating significant website traffic is a whole different story.  There is an art to attracting traffic to your website and we are going to explore a couple of tactics that have been proven to work when implemented correctly.

This first one might be the most obvious: make sure the content on your website is SEO-friendly.  Search engines can provide a great source of traffic if properly wielded.  Google reports that it receives over 3 billion searches daily from all around the world, and yet many website owners ignore this most important step of optimizing their web content.  Perhaps this can be attributed to a misunderstanding of the nature of search engines and what is meant by optimization.  There are website owners who call up an SEO firm crying how their website used to be on page one or #1 on Google but now cannot be found.  Now I am not speaking to those websites who have done or paid someone else to do the leg work of getting their website ranked higher on the search results, but those who put up their website, found it on a search result then years find the task of locating their website neigh impossible.  It would be time for such a website to run each page through the proper optimization tools and rewrite its content to target its market according to increase website traffic.

Let us say that a website has already been optimized. Now what?  Another tactic to add to your arsenal would be to install analytics and pay attention to your traffic results.  Google Analytics is a free service that can be easily installed on any website.  This tool tracks all visits and visitor activity on your website.  Studying the analytics reports can help identify strong traffic sources, organic search results, and visitor flow which can allow you to see just how your visitors are navigating through your website.  Perhaps there is a page on your website that you would expect your visitors to visit, but in studying your analytics, you notice very few if any actually find that page.  This would be a good time to improve the navigational structure of your website or improve the optimization on that key page.

There are many more tactics that can be implored to increase website traffic; however, these are two key pieces to the puzzle.  But how effective are they?  What if it were only effective at attractive 1 out of 1 million searches a day to your website?  What could you do with an additional 3,000 visitors?


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