Is it Possible for Anyone to Have Their Own Wikipedia Page?

Summary: Creating a Wikipedia page of your own involves numerous complex steps that are very specific.

Simply put, not everyone can successfully create his or her own Wikipedia page. It’s a difficult process that takes an immense amount of research and verification before you even get into the introductory phase of getting a page.

There are several important factors that you have to consider if you’re thinking about creating your own Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia Isn’t an Easy Marketing Platform

If your page shows any sort of encyclopedic interest, you might get a pass. However, if the editors at Wikipedia think that you’re using their platform as a place to garner business attention or self-promotion, it’ll probably be deleted immediately. But, all hope isn’t lost as there are instances where Wikipedia will send you a deletion discussion message that lasts roughly 7 days and gives you the opportunity to make the necessary changes for a second chance.

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One of the requirements of the Wikipedia criterion mandates that you must be a notable subject for a biography article – in the case that you’re creating a page for yourself.

Be sure to read all the Wikipedia guidelines prior to starting your page.

You, as the subject, must have significant coverage by multiple (and reliable) third-party secondary sources like books, scholarly works, and news articles. Furthermore, the page must be an encyclopedic subject and not just part of another article.

Notability is something that’s often overlooked by many. If you’re not notable, you have to perform the deeds that make you notable, so be sure that you have real sources to back up the content that you’re writing on your page – PR pieces, personal blogs, self-published website.