Keep it Simple

We’ve come a long way from the all text webpages from the nineties and early naughties. Back then most of the webpages that were alive mostly contained text and backgrounds of different colors. To help spice things up back then, web designers added gifs, poorly animated moving pictures, and low resolution photos. They were all link ridden just to make the webpage seem a lot cooler and bigger.


But in today’s version of the internet, these tricks are no longer useful. People visiting pages want things simple and easy to find. Try and minimize all the clutter. Your webpage does not need all those links and menus and complicated pathways to reach a page. Your visitors want things simple and want to find the information they’re after right away. There’s no shame in having a one page website as long as everything the people need is right there and easy to read. Keep links to a minimum and make sure each and everyone of them are helpful and work.


Another thing that you can do is to make all your content visually clear. Pick contrasting colors when designing your web page to avoid text from being unreadable. Also, make sure that your content is arranged properly and nothing is too dense. Lastly, place all your links, content, and information in the right place. Make menus clear so that people know that that is the menu they need to look at to get somewhere on your site.