Finding the Best Video Production

Whether you’re shooting a commercial, training video or feature film, you have to turn to the right video production company to bring your project to life. However, one of the main challenges of hiring the best production company is cost. With a limited or low-budget project, it is difficult to find quality talent. But there is one production company that is changing all that — Studio Center Total Production.

As the name suggests, Studio Center Total Product is a full-service video production company with studios in Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Memphis, TN, New York, NY, and Richmond, VA. Founded in 1966, Studio Center offers a large staff of directors, editors, production assistants, producers, grips and everything else you need to product a quality video. The company boasts the top talent in the industry as well as being the largest, fastest growing company of its kind in the nation.

Need a complete video production crew, including actors? Studio Center is comprised of some of the top actors in the industry including child actors and voice talent. And finding the best actor for the role is easy. For example, if you need a voice actor for your commercial or training video, you can easily search through an online database and narrow down your results by the following categories: top ten male or female voices, kids’ voices, new voice talent and foreign voices. Each actor or actress has their own Web page featuring a resume along with their latest audio or video samples. Studio Center also offers other valuable services such as casting assistance, music clearance, script translation, script writing and copywriting.

Along with offering a complete crew, one of the best things about Studio Center is the low cost of their video and media production services. The company hires many non-union production staff and crew, including non-union actors and voice talent. This means you don’t have to pay the high union prices or jump through hoops to get the actors you want.