3 Tips to Write a Better ‘About Us’ Page

If the most important objective of a website is so that people can get to know the business better, then why are most ‘About Us’ pages not upto the mark.

The common misconception is that people who do read these pages just want more information or history about the brand itself, when the approach should be about ‘telling your unique’ just as well as some artists or companies like Apple or Toms do.

Point being: what you add to your ‘About Us’ page really determines how you manage your brannd.

So, here are 3 tips that will help you prepare an ‘About Us’ page that promotes your brand:

#1: Find out what your audience cares about

There’s a clear reason why people visit your site – for a freelancer, to find out about your work, background and a portfolio. For a company that sells products, visitors will want to know more about the product and which is why it’s not advisable to talk about how the product came about or information about the CEO. Simply put, whatever you write should make people aware of your product.

#2: Don’t sell, build relationships instead

Introducing your product doesn’t mean writing copy to sell it on the ‘About Us’ page. At no point must you beg visitors to buy your product on the page but focus on building relationships instead. Let your visitors find out a bit more about your company while also showing them how you care about different issues also, apart from talking about the product as well.

#3: Use images to build personality

Adding images is an excellent one whether it’s of your brick and mortar store (for a business) or even a nice picture of yourself, if you’re a freelancer. This adds to the story that you are telling your visitors about your business or work as a freelancer.