Exciting Trends in Web Images

Now more than ever, the web is dominated more so by images than actual written content. It makes sense when you think about it. Technology has evolved to the point that images and videos are easier than ever to harness and put online. People love images, too, so they’re more likely to go sites where they’re widely available. Even a site like Twitter that runs on 140 characters at a time is filled with images and videos. So let’s look at some trends you’ll see in 2014.

Lens flares have become incredibly popular. Once they were seen as unprofessional errors. Now they’re looked at as art.

Images will continue to be used as actual capital as our society places a bigger premium on doing rather than owning. So expect to see less pictures of someone driving a fancy car and more posts about their skydiving.

Female diversity is also a trend we’re seeing in the images presented. It used to be a woman had to be a certain size and color. Now all body types and pigments are being represented in popular images.

Oddly enough, food will be following the same trend. People are tired of overly stylized cuisine that looks like it was designed by NASA. Look for restaurants and chefs to start presenting food that focuses on its edibility.

Images, especially those presented in videos, will be quick and to the point. We’re a multimedia culture that wants to see as much as possible and we can’t do it with complicated images or long, boring videos.