4 Android Apps Designed by Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting mobile server management apps are good for both the customer as well as a web hosting provider.

For the former, they can not only access their accounts easier, scale cloud servers but also enjoy prompt customer service. As for the latter, they can increase their sales if customers want to upgrade their accounts.

So, here are 4 Android apps designed by web hosting companies:

#1: SingleHop

One of the main features that this app offers is that it allows its users to customize their public cloud components, and which allows them to scale up and down accordingly when traffic spikes occur from anywhere.

In addition, they can also view account activity as well as submit and reply to tickets while also obtaining access to the team that handles their account. Push notifications on new tickets, account activity and invoices will also be added soon.

#2: Go Daddy

Known for its Go Daddy girls, this Android app not only offers a new email client that allows customers to access their Go Daddy email account but it also provides an online storage application that will allow its users to access media and other documents from just about anywhere.

#3: RackSpace

This android app allows customer to not only set up and manage cloud servers and cloud files but also create, delete and resize cloud servers as well as view and create cloud file containers.

#4: 1 & 1 Cloud Server Management

As indicated by the name, this app allows you to manage cloud servers while also allowing them to view problems through the status server display as well as reconfigure their server using a slider.