3 Rules for Content Sites that will Ensure Usability

Content sites, in the form of article directories, blogs, video and image galleries, are a major category that every web designer will have to work on at some point of time during his career.

To say the least, they are different from corporate sites when it comes to specifics but are easier to build – specifics that can be difficult to understand immediately when making the transition from corporate to content sites.

So, here are 3 rules for content sites that can help ensure usability:

#1: Content has to be the Centerpiece

Remember that the content posted on the page is should be the center of attention. In other words, ensure that its location is in the center of the page and the first thing that users should see.

#2: Ensure that the Text is Readable

Using small font for content-driven sites is another common mistake that happens every now and then. Of course, this is done so as to fit as much text as possible but this affects readability and when presented in large chunks, strains the reader’s eyes. Worse still, refrain from using two columns filled with text as well on each page.

#3: Test for Cross-Browser Issues

Cross-browser issues also occur with content sites as well, and it’s not worth the effort trying to have it work perfectly for every browser. A thumb of rule is that the major functionalities like thumb nails etc. of the site must work in any browser. One tool that you can use to assist you with this is Browser Shots.