Editing your home page in Zen Cart.

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Editing your home page in Zen Cart.

In this tutorial you will not only learn how to edit your home page content in Zen cart, but also help you change the text in the header. Note that this change will reflect site-wide on all pages.
Let us start by opening header.php in any text editor (like notepad, dreamweaver,etc.,). You will find this file in  includes/languages/english/

Important: If you are using your own template, be sure to upload this file to that directory, for example; includes/languages/English/YOURTEMPLATE/ as well, if you are using your own template, save a copy of english.php from includes/languages/  to include/languages/YOURTEMPLATE/

Now open index.php in any text editor. You will find this file in  includes/languages/English/
Locate the text you wish to edit or delete and highlight the text, you can either delete it or replace some other text of your choice. Either way be sure not to delete any other part of the variable. Repeat the process for any other text on this page.
Again remember, if you want to delete any text, be sure to leave the quotation marks intact.
After making all the changes, save the file and upload it to your site. Then refresh this page in Zen Cart to see the changes.
You will see the changes made to your home page content and header

In order to edit the page content using define page editor,
Editing your home page in Zen Cart.
You must first be sure to set all files in   includes/languages/english/html_includes/   to writable. In the setting CHMOD set it to 777.
Select the file you wish to edit from here.
Editing your home page in Zen Cart.
You will see, the content is displayed as a raw source code. If you feel more comfortable in a HTML WYSIWYG format, to ahead and switch to HTML from here.
Editing your home page in Zen Cart.
Go ahead and choose any file and make any changes you wish, you can also use the built in fully featured text editor to easily format the content.
Make the necessary changes and save the changes once you are done.

Important: If using your own template, you will want to also save a copy of any html_area files to  includes/languages/english/html_includes/YOURTEMPLATE/

Now take a look at your site to see the changes.
That’s it, you now know how to Editing your home page in Zen Cart.

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