Creating Backgrounds In Photoshop CS4

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You can create different backgrounds for your images.  You will have to use more than one filter to do this.  Using the filters can help to create a background that is different than what you may have seen before.  You can create custom backgrounds that are unique and stand out from other creations.
Creating Backgrounds In Photoshop CS4
To do this, you would have to select the File menu and choose New for a brand new dialog box.

In order to create a canvas, you would have to select the Width and Height components.  If you have anything you would like to change, change them in the settings section.  You can change the colors and resolutions if you wish.

Close the New dialog box and present the canvas on the computer screen.  You should see the word “Background” in the layer of the Layers palette.

In the “Filter” menu, select “Artistic” and choose on the options for the Filter dialog box.  You have a choice of filters that you can use for your document.  There is Artistic, Brush Strokes, Distort, Sketch, Stylize or Texture.  They are all located in the drop down box where the Filters category is.

Select a filter from the category you have chosen. You will be able to see a preview of this filter to the left side of the “Filter” dialog box.

Go to the right side of the dialog box if you need to adjust the setting.  Confirm the filter that you want to use by choosing OK.  If you need to include additional filters you can do so.  This will help you to have additional custom backgrounds.

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