Adding Text In Photoshop CS4

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You can add text to an image or a blank document.  The Type tool is what you would use to do that.  This tool also works to choose an image size, a font and allows you to make additional changes in regard to text.  Everytime you make changes in regard to text, the image or document will look different.  Here’s how you would go about adding text:
Adding Text In Photoshop CS4

Use an old file from Photoshop CS4 or you can create a new one.  You will use the Type tool.

Using the first button on the type tool bar, you will be able to change back and forth from horizontal to vertical text and vice versa.

Choose a text size, font and style.  You can do this from the Type tool options bar.

There are different ways that you can have your text set up.  You have a choice of choosing from the following styles:  Smooth, Strong, Crisp, Sharp or None.  Each one looks different, so you may want to look at them all to see which one looks the best for your creation.  When you’re aligning your text, you can choose to do it from the left, center or right.

To use the color picker box, select the color square.  You can select the color for your text.

You can click the selection anywhere in your document.  You will start typing your text and it will show with whatever selections you have chosen.  If you need to make changes use the Type tool to highlight the text already there and change what needs to be changed.

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