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In the Flash Catalyst Tools panel you will find the various tools you need to draw, manipulate and type. Take some time to try out the various tools.

Flash Catalyst provides the following tools:

Flash Catalyst Tools

Rollover each tool to find out what it is.

  1. Selection Tools – select specific objects on your artboard
    Flash Catalyst Tools
  2. Transform Tool – Rotate or scale objects
  3. Text Tool – Type text
  4. Rectangle/ Ellipse – Create rectangles and circles
    Flash Catalyst Tools
  5. Shape tools – Create other shapes
    Flash Catalyst Tools
  6. Line tool – Draw lines
  7. Hand tool – move the artboard to work on a specific area
  8. Zoom tool – magnify a specific area or zoom out (press the Alt key while clicking on the artboard) to see the entire artboard.
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