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When you open Flash Catalyst you will see an opening screen with various options.

Create a New Project

If you have created a layout in Photoshop or Illustrator you can open these files in Flash Catalyst and continue on from there. If this is the case click on one of the top options under “Create New Project from Design File” to open the required file.

  • From Adobe Illustrator AI File
  • From Adobe Photoshop PSD File

However, if you are starting from scratch, you can create a new project. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will do this by clicking on “Adobe Flash Catalyst Project”  under “Create New Project”.

You can also get these options under the “File” Menu in the main menu at the top.

File > New Project


File > New Project from Design File

Let’s Begin!

  • Click on “Adobe Flash Catalyst Project”  under “Create New Project”.
  • In the screen that pops up specify the following details:
    • Project name – we have named it “website”
    • Dimensions – we have specified a width of ’1000′ and left the height ’600′.
    • Background color – we have left it white. If you want to change it you can click on the tiny triangle below the color box and select a color.
  • Click the OK button

Create a New Project

Save the project by clicking ‘File’ then ‘ Save’ from the main menu.

You will notice that the project file is saved with a .fxp extension. This is your Flash Catalyst file format. Later when you want to create the Flash file to be used on your website you can publish it to ‘swf’ format.

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