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Section 8. Create Editable region and converting it to a html page

After you create your home page, just see what you need to repeat in the other pages like services, products, contact us, about us, etc.

Your dreamweaver template file is usually saved as a dwt file. Now you have to convert the dwt file to a html file.

Go to the contents of the home page and highlight it and press the Insert button on the menu bar and click on the template objects and select editable region and type content.

Before that you have to convert the dwt file to a html file, we do so by clicking on Modify on the menu bar and clicking on templates and selecting applying template to page. By doing so you have created a html page. Save it as index.html.

Copy index.html to other links like service.html, product.html and contact.html. Put in the necessary content in the appropriate pages. Then go to the home page and highlight the home menu item from the home page and go to the properties menu found at the bottom of the page and drag the circle besides the link and connect it to the home.html page on the right side of the screen. Repeat the same process for service.html, product.html and contact.html, view now in the IE to see the effect.

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