Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Creating a Website

When working on website design, there’s no doubt that it’s all about the readers who have a very short attention span. Now if you are working on a new design, then it becomes important avoid some mistakes that will ensure that the website that you are designing is visited by as many readers as possible.

So here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid in order to do so:

#1: Create a website that only works in Internet Explorer

With more and more people switching to other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, it can be a very bad decision to create a website that will only work in internet explorer that will only limit the number of readers for the website.

#2: Using state-of-the-art technology for no good reason

While it is tempting (as a designer) to use the latest technology, this will not necessarily work on certain browsers, and this will mean eliminating certain readers as well. So try and keep it as simple as possible. Even if you feel compelled to use new versions of CSS and HTML, ensure that it is not for the entire page but just for certain elements.

#3: Sound or video that starts automatically or doesn’t have an easy off switch

Having music or video as soon as someone logs on to your site is a bad idea because it’s better to give them that option. Even if you do and cannot change it, then at least ensure that the either option has an off-switch that is readily available.